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at times i think
to love another is easy
then when it happens
i am dumbfounded
mesmerized by feelings
i cannot explain
and especially in the instances
where the feeling is not mutual
love is like a disease
an affliction
to which there is no cure
this is how it is with you
it is not a gift
but a curse
i am dumbfounded
with no cure.... CM '07


do my words really say so little?
Can you not feel them
hear them
literally breathe them in like air
I am falling into pieces
like icarus floating
in the sea of my undoing
but who will save me
surely not you
not you who cannot see
cannot hear
all of the innuendos
and flat out declarations
not you
who can breathe
without my air
without these words
which say so little
certainly you cannot save me
when you cannot even
save yourself....
Unravel me
I don’t have a hold on what is real
Left to drown in my imagination
I only see the passion I feel
I’m living in a fantasy
Trapped in a deep ravine
Not hearing the words your lips speak
But hearing what I want you to mean
And I think you knew where I was coming from
All of the words I really wanted to say
I don’t believe that I surprised you
But I certainly surprised myself that day
The walls around you remain untouched
While my soul is no longer at ease
Your eyes silently speak a thousand words
While my thoughts get lost in the breeze
I yearn for the mask to break apart
And what’s inside of you set free
Yet maybe I’m wanting something not real
And what’s really inside will never soothe me

Comfort (unedited)

The only comfort I take in
Is the you found in my lucid dreams
Diving and hiding in a deep ravine
Innocent and unknowing
Of the vivid love that I keep harboring
And I fear
That I have nothing to give
Nothing to offer you
Other than my vow
To fall and crawl
Into the depth of your eyes
Trembling at the thought of a mere embrace
As I lonely,
Fall from grace
Taking comfort in
The you I found
In my lucid dreams
Praying I'll never wake
From such a beautiful dream...

Untitled and Unedited

"I'm so sad, like a good book, I can't put this day back--a sorta fairytale with you" Tori Amos

I feel like I've been living
In the pages of a fairytale
One I wrote with my heart
This imaginary world
Where you and I could both live
With a happy ending
And I feel like I'm getting close
To the end of the book
And I'm so sad
Don't want to put this book down
But don't want to reach the end
Just to find out
There are no happy endings
And it wasn't a fairytale
After all...
Stomach's better. Creativity is flowing through my veins. Maybe some good poetry will come of this. One can only hope.
I have been the queen of the toilet for the last two days... Stomach viruses are the devil. I await a new, hopefully healthier day.

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Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:Steaming
Describe where you want to be:Uphill
Describe what you want to be:Out of the Shadows
Describe how you live:Drifting
Describe how you love:Perfect
Share a few words of wisdomIn my mind I've seen it all, sometime soon for all to see, the walls are slowly breaking down, and someday we'll be free

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